Best Dropshipping Supplier in China, BigAnt Dropshipping, auto-processes orders for you!

We take care of literally everything in China for you.

Our Mission Is To Help Dropshippers Succeed. We Aim To Source products from China and make DropShipping From China Easy And Cost-efficient. No Matter Your Order Sizes, We Are Dedicated To Making Your Buyers Happy When Unboxing Your Products Which Is Our Targetted Result.

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What does BigAnt Dropshipping Supplier Do to Make Your Business Auto-running.

All you need is to tell us the information of your product, then you will get low-cost, fully inspected and packed products in two working days.

China Sourcing Rich Products

Your 1 to 1 Agent will help you source niche product directly from the source factory and get you a reply within 2 working days. Therefore, you will get much lower price of goods sold, which offer you more spacing to scale your ads.

App Connects Your System

We use APP to connect your store. Then system automatically obtains orders everyday and locks products for automatic processing and Automatically return the logistics tracking number. Which could save your time about sourcing and shipping. 

Bulk Inventory Storage

We provide 10000㎡ warehouse for you , free of charge. We could help you source products in bulk at a better price. All of your inventory will be well stored and counted regularly so that you will know the inventory left to be sold.

Processing orders faster & Cheaper

Our pricing is cheaper than aliexpress 100% guaranteed. We will help you source products not only from aliexpress, but also directly from the factories cooperated with us. Another reason is that many aliexpress sellers are also dropshippers.

Fast Shipping Time

We work with almost all major logistics companies in China. We offer optimized logistics channels according to different countries and provide the best options and recommendations.

White Label & Brand Label

We could package your box with your own brand label outside the box, or offer you white label dropshipping. Multiple products could also be packaged together. Gift card or Thanks letter services are also provided based on your marketing requirements.

----Excellent Performance Untill 2021----

Why Do 1000+ Shopify Dropshippers And Amazon Sellers Partner With Us

Fully automatically ecom solution, 1 TO 1 customer support, Rich factory Resources makes BigAnt dropshipping a well known agent in the business.












Why Customers Recommend BigAnt Dropshipping?

The biggest advantage of BigAnt is their professional experience on the sourcing and purchasing, which helps a lot to me!


Cooperating with BigAnt really saves a lot of time on order fullfillment, that's for sure!


I tried several agents until my friend recommanded BigAnt to me, happy to recommand them,really reliable team!


AliExpress + Oberlo Alternative for Drop shipping

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BigAnt dropshipping is a professional Aliexpress agent,we offer you Sourcing agent & dropshipping agent service from product sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, white label drop shipping, branding your products with insert card and branded package, merge multiple orders to one order, worldwide fulfillment for your dropshipping business.

BigAnt Team Show Since Year 2015

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Nora Kim(Co-Founder)

Rock Chow(Sourcing Manager)

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1.What is drop shipping ?

Dropshipping is a method in which you as the seller do not need to keep products in your warehouse, instead you work with BigAnt DropShipping, We source products from China, take care of quality inspection, branding package and we send the products directly to your buyers.

2.What is dropshipping Agent?

dropshipping agent  is someone like BigAnt dropshipping who helps you take care of Product sourcing, price negotiation, quality inspection, branded packaging, private label & white label service, free warehousing and order fulfillment with fully integrated APP or ERP to your Shopify store to fulfill your orders automatically to your worldwide customers, No CSV required)

3.How to Start my Dropshipping business with us?

To start a business with BigAnt dropshipping, you can simply submit your sourcing request to us. You can send us the Aliexpress link, Amazon Link, 1688 product link or any product URL, product images with your target price and your shipping destination. We will purchase it from for you.

4.How long does it take to process my order?

Since there is time differences from New York to Beijing, It usually take about 24-48 hours for us to process the order.

5.Can you insert card, customize package for me?

Yes, we can put your thank you card or branding card into the parcel, and we also cooperate with packing bag factories to help you customized your branding bag.

6.Will you put invoice or receipts along with the Parcel?

No, we don’t unless you need us to.

7.Can you buy from or buy from Taobao if I have a product link?

Yes, we can. We can help you to buy from and Taobao, and we will collect all the goods together and ship them to you.

8.How do we make payment to you ?

We accept T/T (bank transfer), Payoneer, TransferWise, etc.

9.Which courier is fastest and how many days will it take?

Normally DHL is faster than UPS, taking 4-5 working days. UPS takes around 7-9 days however DHL is more expensive than UPS.

10.Can you help us by doing the product labels and outer box labels before shipment?

Yes, we can. We help lots of our customers by adding the labels before shipment. You can trust us to get it right as we have huge experience and understanding of the FBA process.

11.What is the price of your service?

Please let us know your business details, like product category, storage volume, SKU quantity, average weight per order, weekly orders quantity, and main destinations, so as to offer you the suitable quote, accordingly.

12.Can you make customized packing materials?

Yes. We can help make your customized packing bag, box, carton, label, card, as well as print your logo in it, if needed.

13.Can you make integration with my e-store/e-shop?

Yes, this is our basic service. More than 20 different kind of system could be integrated to our ERP system by APP, including EBAY, Shopify, Amazon,  WISH, LAZADA, Joom, Shopee, Ueeshop, Kimimal, Magento, Aliexpress etc.

14.Do you have MOQ limit?

No. We are happy and honored to cooperate with you even your scale/quantity is very small. And we'd like to help you grow bigger and bigger.

15.When shall we pay you?

Commonly, you shall deposit some money in our company before the orders fulfillment start.

16.Can you help us do the QC issues?

Yes. We can help you check the product quality, like whether it is broken, color, size, actual quantity, etc.

17.Why not AliExpress?

Better suppliers, better services, better logistics, excellent agents. Intelligent system. Invoice status of each store order every day. Save a lot of time.

18.Do you offer Amazon FBA service?

Yes, we would recommend our partner in Amazon FBA the best sourcing agent in China BigAntSources to help you handle everything related to Amazon FBA products and Inquries.