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10 Types of Services to help you boost your dropshipping business rapidly!

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Services #1 Product Sourcing Agent Service (FREE)

Services #2 Sample Confirmation and Quality Inspection

Services #3 Inventory Storage/ Service Products

Services #4 Brand Packaging

Services #5 Private Label Brand Dropshipping

Services #6 Full Automatically Integrated with Shopify

Services #7 Worldwide Fulfillment


Services #9 AMAZON FBA sourcing and shipping

Services #10 Automatically processing plan for everyone

Services #1 Product Sourcing Agent Service (FREE)

Most of drop shipping company or Sourcing Agent in China will charge upfront fee before using their product sourcing agent service, even if they did a bad job, they still get paid. But this will never happen when you are working with BigAnt dropshipping, we have a professional sourcing agent team, and this will make us have the ability to help you source products for free.

As you may known that there are many AliExpress sellers they buy also from factory and resell on AliExpress, which mean you are probably overcharged when buying from AliExpress sellers, We have more than 2,000 operated factories across the whole China in our database covers more than 30 different product categories, we can help you to find the best possible price from direct factory to help you to increase your profit margin, and you will get sourcing result on the same day or within 1 working day.

If you have an existing agent, your assigned sourcing agent from our company can help you find even better prices or better quality.

Services #2 Sample Confirmation and Quality Inspection

One of the common pain point and untold truth about chargebacks for most of drop shipping business is that: Everyone is selling Pictures, instead of the products!     

The positive side is that you can move really fast by get the product image and ask supplier to find a product which is same or similar pictures to test, however if you are Ready to Scale, it might put your business in Danger if you never seen or feel the quality of the product, Because there are many factories who use the same Pictures to sell poorer quality product  at a lower prices to attract customers, which might result in chargebacks and bad reviews, etc.

BigAnt Dropshipping’s support team was formed by a great number of professional agents. After you got the prices from the SKU list, if you are happy with the price, they you can go ahead with sample confirmation, it just starts from 10$. Once the sample is CONFIRMED, we will make sure the fulfilled orders are exactly same as CONFIRMED SAMPLES.

Services #3 Inventory Storage / Service Products

If you already have an existing supplier in China, we will help you to make the whole process even easier.


We have 1 warehouse in Guangzhou city which is a large exporting city in south China.

You can send the bulk inventory in our warehouse, and we can storage the inventory for free, once you have orders, we will drop ship to your buyers. we will charge you a certain amount of handling fee which is estimated from 0.3-2$ based on your Daily Order Quantity, Product Sizes, Product Weight, Packing Requirements, and Products Specifications.

By charging of the handing fee, BigAnt dropshipping helps you to coordinate suppliers, take care of Quality Check, if we found bad quality products, we will take pictures and send for your approval, if they are bad quality, we will return back to factory for replacement. In this way, you can make sure that all the products sent by BigAnt dropshipping are good quality products.

Services #4 Brand Packaging Dropshipping

Lack of Brand Identity and Brand presence is another big common Pain Point for most of dropshipping business owners.

We can help you to produce branded material like: Insert card, Hangtag, Express Bag with your logo, Branded Packaging Box, Customized Packaging to increase your Brand Identity. 

We help you to design simple designs with your logos on it, and arrange artwork, mock sample for you the check quality.  After your approval of the sample, we will go ahead with the packaging production and take care of the quality control, the Minimum Order Quantity are usually 2000 Pcs for packing box, 2000 Pcs for insert card, 5000 Pcs for express bag.

Services #5 Private label Dropshipping

If you have one or more winners, and the DOQ (Daily Order Quantity) is over 50+ for each SKU, then Customize your products with your logo on it become possible.

 We offer you private labeling dropshipping service or white label dropshipping service based on your products specifications, Factory MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), and the production lead time. 

We will help you source the right manufacturer in China, and will help you to design, to mock up samples, confirm samples, follow up the production and do the quality control to increase your margin and brand identity.

Services #6 Automatically Integration with Shopify

Do you support CSV dropshipping? 

Yes we do, but more than that, we have fully automatically Integration with Shopify which allows you to manage and control plenty of your orders and streamline your workflow in just a few clicks.

Compared with CSV, our App helps you;

1.Our App saves a ton of time which means you can focused on marketing to make more sales;

2.Our App integration reduces order errors and eliminates/reminds duplicate orders, which means it helps you to control all orders and avoid duplicate orders to save your costs;

3.And It’s totally free of Charge.

Services #7 Fulfillment Center Worldwide Shipping

Fulfillment Center plays a very important role in Shopify drop shipping business.

Just click the below “Yes I need an Agent to Support me!” button, and fill out your information, and our customer support will assign you a professional sourcing agent from our company to support you all the way from Product sourcing to Order fulfillment.


We hope that it is a long-term cooperation, so problems caused by production or freight company, we support the refund or resend on the principle of customer first(Special products not covered, such as fragile products, which we will confirm with the client.). Unless the product is a custom type, we could always find a solution for the problem. Help you solve problems for you is our job.


We would recommend our partner in Amazon FBA business the best sourcing agent in China BigAntSources to help you handle everything related to Amazon FBA products and Inquries

Services #10 An Automatically processing plan for everyone.

Automatically process new orders every day.

The warehouse processes orders 24 hours, and intelligent logistics chooses solutions.

Support multiple stores and multiple types of invoices.

Dedicated agents work together.

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