How to Find a Good Reliable DropShipping Agent in China for My Dropshipping Business??

When you find agent for your business you should know exactly what kind of services you need for your dropshipping services, then compare differents agents based on their services, fee, English skills, respond time and their order fulfillment software as well as hardware to ensure the order fulfillment in 24 hours.

For example, BigAnt dropshipping order fulfillment services include:

Sourcing service

Sample service

Bargain and purchasing service


QC service

Goods returning service (goods returning from overseas to China)

Label service

Order printing service

Consolidation shipping service

Tracking upload service

Flexible shipping methods

Professional customs clearance service

With the services above you only need to focus on store marketing, and the agent could help you greatly improve the order fulfillment efficiency.

If you found a dropshipping agent with comprehensive order fulfillment services with cost effective fees, with they can speak fluent english in 7/24, it might be a reliable Chinese shipping agent you are looking for.